Color Worn On Left Worn On Right
  Black Heavy S&M Top Heavy S&M Bottom
  Grey Bondage Top Bondage Bottom
  Hunter Green Daddy Hunting for Daddy
  Dark Red 2-handed Fister 2-handed Fistee
  Red Fist Fucker Fist Fuckee
  Navy Blue Fucker Fuckee
  Light Blue Wants Head Expert Cock Sucker
  Yellow Pisser Pissee
  Charcoal Latex Fetish, Top Latex Fetish, Bottom
  Fuschia Spanker Spankee
  Dark Pink Tit Torturer Tit Torturee
  Light Pink Dildo Fucker Dildo Fuckee
  Brown Scat Top Scat Bottom
  Rust A Cowboy Horse
  Coral Suck My Toes Shrimper
  Mustard Has 8 Inches or More Wants a Big One
  Gold 2 looking for 1 1 looking for 2
  Apricot Two Tons of Fun Chubby Chaser
  Tan Smokes Cigars Fist Fuckee
  Beige Rimmer Rimmee
  Pale Yellow Spits Drool Crazy
  Lime Green Dines Off Tricks Dinner Plate
  Kelly Green Hustler John
  Olive Drab Military Top Military Bottom
  Robins Egg Blue Sixty Niner Sixty Niner
  Teal Cock and Ball Torturer Cock and ball Torturee
  Medium Blue Cop Cop-Sucker
  Mauve Into Navel Worshipers Has Navel Fetish
  Magenta Suck My Pits Arm Pit Freak
  Maroon Likes Menstruating Women Menstruating
  Lavendar Likes Drag Drag
  Purple Piercer Piercee
  Silver Lame Star Fucker Star
  Gold Lame Likes Bottom Muscle Men Likes Top Muscle Men
  Brown Lace Has Uncut Dick Likes Uncut Dick
  Brown Satin Circumcised Likes Circumcised Dicks
  Leopard Has Tattoos Likes Tattoos
  Black Velvet Has/Takes Videos Will perform for the Camera
  Teddy Bear Cuddler Cuddlee
  Chamois Rides a Motorcycle Likes Bikes
  Doily Tea-room Top Tea-room Bottom
  Handywipes Gives HOT OIL massages Wears it Well
  Kewpie Doll Chicken Chicken Hawk
  Kleenex Rimmer Rimmee
  Mosquito Netting Stinks Sniffs (or actually has a cold)
  Paisley Wears Boxer Shorts Likes Boxer Shorts
  Toothbrush Lover’s Out, My Place OK Lover’s Home, Your Place Only
  Ziploc Bag Has Drugs Looking for Drugs
  Dirty Jockstrap Wears a Dirty Jock Sucs ’em Clean
  Cocktail Napkin Bartender Bartender Groupie
  Grey Flannel Actually Owns a Suit Likes Suits